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Stay updated! There is a nasty world of cyber criminals out there on the internet along with you. They do not carry knives and wear a mask but are possibly more dangerous than them, as, you won’t be able to identify them and before you could even realize you would have been fallen prey to them. These dangers create threat, anxiety, and insecurities.

A savvy web surfer and internet user understand the need to be vigilant and attentive towards the ways and points to protect themselves. Experienced surfers know that there are dangers in the oceans and are well trained to look after them, so, we hereby with the help of  VsupportLLC Scam Fighters are going to guide on how to be cautious while surfing anything on the internet.


  1. Before clicking any of the messages from the people you don’t know or vaguely know, make sure whether the mail is genuine or phishy.VSupportLLC Scam Expert in their article http://www.itassists.com/blog/tips-for-spotting-a-phishing-email-with-vsupportllc-scam-fighters/ helps you identify these phishing mails. Generally,these phishing emails direct you to the websites which will either ask for your personal information or download a file containing malware automatically on your computer. Keep yourself secure and safe from any such messages which sound or look suspicious to you, as, hackers can create malicious emails that will look to you as if they are coming or sent to you by a friend of yours. VSupportLLC Scam Fighters suggests you avoid any such emails and before clicking any such message get assured from your friend first.Infact, be a little cautious and read the tips from the article mentioned above to keep yourself secured from falling into any such traps by the frauds, losing out important information.

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2. Be vigilant while clicking or accepting any emails from a website which looks legitimate but is actually fake and phony. You can judge such websites by being little observant towards these points i.e. look for the spelling first, grammar and images. However, sometimes these scammers are getting so better at replicating these sites that you have to be smart enough to be sure of it. If you have landed up on a site which is asking for your personal credentials, then always double check the sites URL and check if it is not asking any such information which you think you shouldn’t provide. VSupportLLC Scam Fighters suggest you download MCAfeeSiteAdvisor in order to protect you from these fake sites.

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3. Shopping online is becoming a new trend, as, it has actually made the world a very small place where you can get anything and everything with a matter of few clicks. To shop safely is really important as you share your financial information over the internet. Hence, ever shopping from any site, always, make sure that it has “https” and a padlock icon either on left or right side of the URL. In fact, VSupportLLC Scam Fighters suggest that while doing shopping online make sure that you use a credit card instead of a debit card- a credit card company is more likely to reimburse you for fraudulent charges.


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4. Make your password your shield. How to do that? Well! VsupportLLC Scam Fighters says that you have to ditch the old way of creating the password i.e. “Girly234”, in fact, switch to create an extremely uncrackable one like”9&43vhit&wet.” Phrases are good too to create a strong password. Moreover, a tip which VSupportLLC Scam Fighters always give to their users is that make sure you change your passwords at regular interval and have different passwords for different accounts, especially, the critical accounts of yours.

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5. Your digital devices are not merely an instrument for entertainment anymore but are a completely confidential file containing data right from your personal photos to financial details. It’s a personal and professional handbook of yours and it’s extremely important that you keep your information secured in them. To keep your information secured it is very important that while surfing on the internet you be vigilant and attentive towards all the malicious activities and Pop-ups, clicking any of those even by mistake can result in losing your information in wrong hands or losing it permanently. Therefore, VSupportLLC Scam Fighters always suggest you keep a backup of all your data on your computer, smartphone, and tablet, so, at the time of loss, theft or crash, you won’t lose it permanently. InfactVSupportLLC Scam Fighters even suggests you keep a check on all your financial statements routinely for any questionable activity.

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6. At regular intervals, watch your Wi-Fi connectivity and protect your network from changing your router’s default settings and keep a check that your network connection password is protected. If you are not able to check and assured whether your network is protected or not, don’t worry! Just give VSupportLLC Scam Fighters a call on its Toll-free number(1-855-803-4636). They will do a complete check of your network and will guide you further in detail with a live tutorial on how to keep your network safe and secured.


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7. A firewall is a must security for your network. VSupportLLC Scam Fighters have checked and found that the computers with week firewall securities are highly prone to any kind of network infections. Hence, VSupportLLC Scam Experts recommend that it is extremely important and necessary that you put a better firewall security other than the one which you get with your operating system. As that firewall is not programmed well to keep you protected from the most dangerous kind of infections that are responsible for most of the data loss and network infections. With the help of VSupportLLC Scam Fighters get the best Firewall security for your computer type on your computer.



8. It is quite important that you keep a check and update your software regularly. Every now and then the software developers are updating the programs of their software so that they can provide latest and better features to their consumers and can make the use of the software easier for them. VSupportLLC Scam Fighters suggest that you should update these programs as these manufacturer’s using and updating their software for latest security patches as well. You can even take help of our VSupportLLC Scam Fighters to get it updated, in case, if you are not able to.


It is very important that we keep ourselves aware of these scams and scammers and this can be done only if we read articles, blogs and follow news on regular basis. Read more and more, get educated, suggest your friends and family and be secured.


These insecurities over the internet are creating a lot of haphazard in the life of people who spent a lot of time on the internet, either for their business, chatting or surfing. The pop-ups and malicious ads, as well as malicious links, allows and permits all the infections to dive in the computer or any other digital devices. As we have police and guard outside the building to protect us from the malicious people roaming on street, similarly, it is important for us to have computer security guards on network and computer to protect our system from licking or destroying any personal or financial important information.

A recent report by endpoint and server security gives an alarming picture, stating that, most companies’ vulnerability to ransomware attacks. In fact, the data collected by local IT shops divulge that nearly more than half of the responding company had already been victimized by ransomware at least once. VSupportLLC Scam Fighters warn you to be aware while accepting, searching or entertaining any website or social media.

VSupportLLC Scam Fighters would suggest you to read about Ransomware on the internet and in-fact, make your near and dear ones also aware about these cyber threats which are definitely going to stay longer in the internet world. Read this article on Ransomware http://www.itassists.com/blog/know-more-about-the-rapidly-growing-online-threat-ransomware-by-vsupportllc-scam-fighters/  by VsupportLLC Scam Fighters.

Moreover, the threat is increasing over the internet, especially through sites like Facebook, twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram etc., As now all the malicious people have an easy access towards your personal information over these social networking sites. Thanks to the features like Check in and Check out, show your feelings and activities give a lot of information to people who have nothing good in their mind and wants to use it for wrong purposes. VSupport LLC Scam Fighters will warn you on a strict note to minimize the sharing of your information on these sites, especially, when you have not choose privacy security options for your account.

Another problem that users face is with innumerable pop ups while working online. Accidently you click on one of them starts downloading of unnecessary files and softwares which corrupt your system. Whenever in doubt seek advice from a trusted source for clean up of your system time-to-time. Regular updating and cleaning process of your sytem keeps a check on your PCs performance.

In fact, It is very important that we also keep ourselves aware of these scams and scammers and this can be done only if we read articles, blogs and follow news on regular basis. Read more and more, get educated, suggest your friends and family and be secured.


VSupportLLC Scam Fighters ultimate motto is to keep you safe and secured online!







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